BRANCHING OUT by Kerstin March
March’s contemporary standalone is a sentimental and, at times, heart-wrenching story that touches on guilt, grief, forgiveness, and motherhood.


Summer 2015: Indies See Strong Sales Ahead
by Judith Rosen, with Claire Kirch, Anisse Gross, and Tiffany Rizzan 

It wouldn’t be summer without a big vacation read. Local books are the ticket in a number of communities. For Apostle Islands that has meant strong sales for Nickolas Butler’s story collection Beneath the Bonfire and Benjamin Percy’s novel The Dead Lands. Manager Kristen Sandstrom is also excited about Kerstin March’s Family Trees, which takes place in Bayfield, on the shores of Lake Superior, where the store is.

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Review: 'Family Trees,' by Kerstin March: a love story among Wisconsin's apple orchards
by Katherine Bailey
Unfolding against this impressive setting, the narrative features Shelby Meyers... March is skillful not only at rendering her setting, but also at raising questions in the reader’s mind about Shelby’s fate and withholding answers for many chapters.

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Make these books from Minnesota authors your traveling companions
by Mary Ann Grossman
March writes lyrically about the orchard and Lake Superior... Fans of intelligent contemporary romance will enjoy this story of love, forgiveness, and growing into adulthood. 

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FAMILY TREES by Kerstin March
March's debut novel visits the charming, idyllic town of Bayfield, Wisc., nestled on the shore of Lake Superior. March's setting is lovingly drawn....


A new crop of books by Kerstin March premiers in Bayfield
by Hope McLeod
“Family Trees” is a hybrid species, a cross between delicious and intelligent, also very romantic... Packed with thrills and chills of living next to Lake Superior, a body of water that “rarely gives up its dead,” every detail crafted by this former journalist and current magazine editor contributes to a perfectly created world that is utterly believable. She has accomplished what every writing professor professes, “to invent characters readers really care about... “It has been one of our hottest sellers this summer,” said Kristin Sandstrom from the Apostle Islands Booksellers. “We have gotten very positive feedback from readers. They find it to be a very enjoyable read and are looking forward to Kerstin's follow-up book this fall.”  

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Over | Under
by Beth Djalali
My favorite post of the month is Over | Under where I introduce a new style maven to all of my dear readers – you. So far, we’ve had the chance to meet a musician, and an artist. Next in line is a talented writer that just happens to be publishing her debut novel today, June 1st.
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"A wonderful debut novel with adorable, but struggling characters. March is a stellar new author, and her research of the Bayfield area really shines."

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RT book reviews

As the heir to her grandparents’ apple orchard, a woman can only imagine a future where she tries to maintain the struggling farm. But that all changes when a stranger rolls into town after escaping his family politics and his future as heir to a media fortune. Will their lives intertwine and create a new future? Be sure to look out for Family Trees by Kerstin March in Spring 2015!

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German Rights Sold

German translation and distribution rights for Kerstin March's first two novels, FAMILY TREES and BRANCHING OUT, have been sold to Egmont Group.


Kerstin March's FAMILY TREES, when a woman imagines her future, all she sees is her grandparents' struggling apple orchard; as their likely heir, she is destined to inherit the family trees, but everything changes when the heir to a media fortune escapes the limelight and his family politics with a spontaneous visit to her small town, to Martin Biro at Kensington, in a two-book deal, for publication in Spring 2015, by Joelle Delbourgo at Joelle Delbourgo Associates (World).

So you are a debut novelist…

I was thrilled this week to make a 2-book deal with Kensington Publishing for first time author, Kerstin March. I think this happy ending can be instructive for debut novelists, especially those writing mainstream women’s fiction or genre fiction, so I thought I’d share a little bit about how this came to be.

Kerstin came to my attention through a writer’s conference (Madison Writers Institute) in Madison, Wisconsin, where I was presenting along with other agents, authors and publishers.  This is a particularly well-organized and informative conference where this agency has discovered authors in the past, so I was very pleased to attend for the second time.

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An agent's take on a client's success

Agent Jöelle Delbourgo recently made a 2-book deal with Kensington Publishing for first time author Kerstin March's debut novel Family Trees.

Kerstin came to Jöelle's attention through the UW-Madison Writers' Institute where Jöelle was presenting along with other agents, authors, and publishers. Says Delbourgo: "This is a particularly well-organized and informative conference where this agency has discovered authors in the past, so I was very pleased to attend for the second time."

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