When I first sat down to write FAMILY TREES, I could picture the setting perfectly. The novel would take place in Bayfield, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior’s south shore – a place that felt like a second home to me after spending countless family gatherings there since early childhood.

As I continued to write, the setting always remained the same, but the storyline unfolded in ways I hadn’t imagined on that first writing day.

That first novel opened exciting doors for me. I went on to publish its sequel, BRANCHING OUT, and am currently writing my third novel.

Additionally, I discovered that my career background was incredibly helpful to me as I navigated the business side of being an author — specifically, how to heighten the visibility of my work through social media and publicity. I am now delighted to be working with fellow authors as an editor and publicity consultant.

I live in Minnesota with my husband and our three children, whom we adore. When we aren't scrambling with work, school, and errands, we can often be found up north, braving ice cold swims, fish boils, and bear scares on Lake Superior’s shore.

I am a proud member of both The Tall Poppy Writers and Women's Fiction Writers Association, where I serve on the 2019 Board of Directors as Vice President - Communications.   

Thank you for visiting this site and for your interest in my work. I hope you will enjoy reading these stories of love, family, and heart-wrenching loyalty as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Ryan peered out once more toward the lake. It was in that moment that a spark of inspiration, as strong as the one he felt when he saw Shelby sitting on the rocks so many months ago, came to him. He could make it right again.
— FAMILY TREES, Chapter 25