Every time Shelby Meyers imagines her future, all she sees is her grandparents’ struggling apple orchard on the bluffs overlooking Lake Superior. As their likely heir, Shelby is destined to inherit the family trees. But everything changes when Ryan Chambers, the heir to a media conglomerate fortune, escapes the limelight and his family politics with a spontaneous visit to Shelby’s small town.

Sure, there is some initial friction. After all, what does a farm girl have in common with a renowned city boy? But it doesn’t take long for Shelby and Ryan to dare to imagine a future beyond the bounds of their family expectations. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with their plans.

A tabloid reporter, an estranged mother, an outraged father, and a jealous suitor descend on the lakeside town to try to get between Shelby and Ryan. Even Mother Nature tries to drive them apart. The reality of their obligations crashes in with as much destructive force as the deadly winter storm that rages on the lake.

When the storm subsides, Shelby and Ryan are left to sort through the debris to find what remains of the family trees – and their dreams.

Two lives, each bound tightly to their family trees, grow together and find strength to branch out on their own.